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When ordering a report, please indicate the accuracy of the birth time to the best of your knowledge. For unknown birth times we will use a sunrise chart and for birth times known to within a few hours or less, we will use a half-way time; e. We do for landline calls but not cell-phones. We will ask you for your phone number when we contact you to make the consultation appointment.

We will then call you at the agreed appointment time. You can purchase a consultation or report from this website by VISA or Mastercard, or you can contact us directly by phone or email to discuss other payment methods. You can check the current exchange rate between your currency and the US dollar amount by clicking on the "check the price in your currency" link on the ordering page. As a general rule allow up to two weeks for a consultation appointment and up to 48 hours for delivery of a report. We will make every effort to process your order as soon as possible, but because each order is processed by hand and not automated there may be the rare occasion when a quick delivery is not possible.

If there is an unexpected interruption to our service or the astrologer's normal routine you will be given notice of any potential delay and given the option to cancel your order if desired. Please contact us as soon as possible via our Contact page explaining the error. If we haven't started work on your order the situation can be dealt with easily. Please understand it is your responsibility to provide correct data when placing your order. What is astrology and what can it tell me about myself? How does astrology work? What is the difference between an astrology consultation and a psychic or similar reading?

Is my life pre-destined or do I have free-will? What services do you offer? What do I need to provide you with for a consultation or a report? What if I don't know my birth time? Can I ask questions during the consultation? I am satisfied with the astrological calculation and reading - Saurav Debnath. I think its excellent. Thank you for this one. I find this report to be precise and helpful. I am Very much satisfied with the report.

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Birth Time Rectification, correct time of birth

Please convey my gratitude to Pt. Onkar Nath. My Horoscope is so close to reality of my life. I am a fan now! Especially about getting married in I got married and have shifted to Canada now. I would like to meet him if possible pls. Career Analysis Report kept me going in my present job and I went on to become the Regional Manager in my company.

Thank you Pt. I am a big believer in you now. Yes, rectification is totally speculative. This can be really problematic actually, since different astrologers have different ways of going about doing it, and thus they sometimes come up with different results. This is not always the case though, and it is possible for astrologers who employ similar or dissimilar techniques to come to the same conclusions about a chart.

It turned out that we had both come up with a similar birth time based on the chronology that was provided to us by the client. While instances such as the one above give me a certain sense of assurance that the process of rectification can lead to accurate results, it must be kept in mind that rectification is still a highly speculative endeavor, and it should always be approached with extreme caution.

In fact, because of the speculative nature of rectification, it is one of my least favorite astrological endeavors. I will usually only do it when it is absolutely necessary and the time frame has been narrowed down to within a few hours. While most of the tips listed below could be applied to any rectification attempt, they will work the best on those in which an approximate time of birth is known, particularly if there are only two or three possible rising signs. So, if you absolutely must attempt to rectify a chart, here are a few tips to go about doing it:.

First things first, use whole sign houses. Not only are they more accurate in general practice, but the rectification process is actually one of the areas in which they become particularly useful. Once you have determined the correct rising sign, all of the other houses fall into place. For example, if someone has Cancer rising with whole sign houses, you know that they have Aries on the 10th. This makes the rectification process easier because then there is a dramatic difference between one rising sign and another, since all of the planets move to different houses when the rising sign changes.

This is one of the clues that can help you in the rectification process. The other thing that you need to know is the concept of benefic and malefic planets , as well as the correlate concept of planetary sect.

Five Tips for Birth Chart Rectification

So, for example, Mars in a day chart in the 7th might indicate that the native will experience separations or loss when it comes to their marriage, while in the 4th house it might indicate separations or loss with respect to the parents. For example, Jupiter in a day chart in the 7th might indicate stability in relationships and marriage, but in the 4th house it would indicate stability from the parents.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best indicators. This approach, as well as most of the tips listed in this guide for that matter, mainly only works if the person has a particular time range already, like a 2 or three hour time window so that there can only be two or maybe three possible rising signs. For example, someone who has the ruler of the ascendant in the 5th might have a life that is more directed towards their children, while someone with the ruler of the 1st in the 10th might be more focused on their career.

If there are two possible rising signs in the chart that you are rectifying then look to what house the ruler of the ascendant is in in each, then ask the client which topic seems to be the more dominant one in their life. If one seems particularly prominent, then it is a good bet that you have narrowed down the correct rising sign.

Another good piece of advice for rectifying a chart is to study recent outer planet transits through the houses, particularly those of Saturn and Jupiter. One of the basic ideas is that wherever Jupiter is transiting things are likely to expand, while wherever Saturn is transiting things are likely to contract. One of the typical examples of this is that when people have Saturn transit through their first house their is some sort of contraction with respect to their body. If Saturn is contrary to the sect in the natal chart sometimes this means health problems, while if Saturn is of the sect in favor in the natal chart then this can sometimes mean something as simple as losing weight.

Remember that with whole sign houses as soon as a planet enters a new sign it also enters a new house, and the topics associated with that house start becoming activated immediately. No matter how good it is. No matter how compelling the evidence appears. It is still speculative. And most of all, never attempt to pass off a rectified chart as a verified birth time.

This is one of the cardinal sins of astrology, that astrologers would be excommunicated for if the astrological community was some sort of an organized religion or cult. Luckily its not, but we will totally wag our finger at you and glare if we catch you doing it, so watch out. Article tags: ascendant , benefics , birth chart , birth times , malefics , Natal astrology , rectification , rulerships , sect , transits , whole sign houses.

He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at www. Very good post, Chris. I agree with starting with whole sign houses to find the ASC, although for getting the specific time, using more specific house systems is also extremely helpful IMO. On your point 4 about Jupiter and Saturn, you can and ought to IMO also use the transiting nodes in much the same way.

Look for contraction in the house the south node is transiting, and look for expansion in the house the north node is transiting. Very, very useful IME, and perfectly suited for whole-sign rectification. Astrologer: Marriage?


Client: Very good, and one of the best areas of my life for about ten years. Your chart is a poor example to point to in order to refute the concept because there are a number of mitigating factors with respect to Mars and your 7th house. Good points Dimitri s! Appearance and mannerism are definitely factors that can play an important role in rectification. Whole sign houses have the most validity when the charts are cast close to the equator. Oddly enough, they do seem to work better than equal houses which ignore the Midheaven-IC axis, but quadrant systems are generally superior.

Finding the ascendent is one of the most interesting activities in astrology. When doing a personal chart it makes sense to be cautious. The charts of historical individuals can be more adventurous. You can use intuition, trial and error, and probability usefully.

What are people afraid of? With the cautious attitude, Ptolemy would never have written his astrology books.

How we calculate your correct birth time?

An illustration. George Washington February 22, If you put Jupiter in the 10th house conjunct the midheaven, the entire chart falls into place. Washington was a person of integrity, energy, good fortune,and ambition. These traits are certainly expressed by his tenth house. Then he would have a Sagitarius ascendent.

That would work and he was very physical. Capricorn would be in the practical second house. The Sun in pisces would be in the people sensitive third house. Official birth times may be uncertain. Even people who were there may remember incorrectly. The charts of his I have seen have not worked in his life. This chart works historically. Rectification method — I may use other methods in tandem, but my principle method is using solar arcs and sol arcs.

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