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October 28 th natives require very high standards to those they have a personal relationship or friendship with, but will be sensitive enough to give others a chance to make their intentions known. They should avoid being too harsh and too didactic with their children. Frequently, there is the risk of becoming sarcastic and sharp and therefore be deprived of popularity.

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 28th

They should avoid mixing and arguing in situations they are not wanted. They would have much more to gain if they make substantial efforts in order to cultivate and use diplomacy. They better learn to make known certain things in a better and more careful manner.

Generally, those born on October 28 th are skilled to handle money. They intend to build a financial base to be safe. They understand and apply both concepts: investment and economy. In their view, it is important to build power for themselves. They will use this power to work for the good of the family, the social group they belong to, and even good people in general.

However, they should avoid having a rigid behavior and dominating attitudes. Thus, they will be able to limit the spontaneity of others, maybe even theirs. You are known to be ruled by day number twenty-eight, if you are born on the 28 th of the month. There are many great personalities, political leaders, as well as artists born on October 28 th : St.

The numerology reading means that if you are born on the 28 th , you are ruled by the Sun.

October 28 Zodiac is Scorpio - Full Horoscope Personality

The traits that you demonstrate include being influential, commanding and controlling. This is all positive as they enhance your character. You are an honest, outspoken and bold person. To be born on the 28 th of the months it means you are straight forward, hard working, diligent and normally successful in your field. You are proud and confident, and you love to live life with dignity.

You are hard working and never like to follow others. You have the ability to shine in politics, medicine, teaching, astrology and field of fine arts. You normally have sufficient money, though you do not like to work for it. You dislike being involved in treachery, cheating or deceit. Your downfall is that sometimes you become proud and arrogant, thus annoying people around you and generating enemies.

You overemphasize your achievements, and thus can face failures. Because if you do this you may lose your position, thus diminishing your confidence and eventually you may end up following others. Health-wise you may have problems with poor vision, hypertension and heart disease. The advice is that you should listen to others sometimes.

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To win in life you need to show qualities such as being honest, being sincere and straight forward. The good news is that success comes to you easily, but you may fall in the trap of being boastful. For people born on October 1 st , the lucky days are the 1 st , 10 th , 19 th , and 28 th. Decisions and actions taken on these dates will bring success. They are the perfect days to start a new business, start building a house, relocate to a new job or house, buy a vehicle, property or jewellery, etc. The unlucky days of the month are the 8 th , 17 th and the 26 th. There is more chance of failure on these days.

Action may lead to waste of money, efforts, and you may lose your reputation. Ruby is your most suited gem. You can also wear a yellow sapphire and topaz. These improve your luck, health and will give success. These gems also promote the healthy growth of your young sons and daughters.

Normally these are worn on the right hand ring finger. The second part of October is ruled by Pluto 23 rd st. People born in October are ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra.

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They are always in search for justice, peace and harmony. Their refined character and diplomacy will be the source of their success. Hesitance in decision making is their draw back. Being a child of Pluto it means you know who you are and what you want from life. You are lead by your gut feeling and intuition, a characteristic you are aware of, but unable to explain it.

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Confusion such as this can lead to crisis situations, especially in regard to the development of your psychic. Because Pluto represents hardship and ordeals, it is also the source of important transformations. People born in October are ruled by the sign of Libra, and therefore are always after obtaining balance from all points of view, either spiritual, emotional, financial etc.

In search of balance, they like to have a stable home and prefer the company of competitive people interested in business. They are gentle people, and therefore a rough attitude from others hurts them deeply. These people are endowed with excellent psychological aptitudes and therefore they do best in stock market, food industry, interior design, and any type of art. They should try focusing on their primary needs while using their famous intuition and stamina.

Born On October 28 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

The downfall of those born in October is the fact that they are incapable to challenge their lifestyle. They might turn to religion and become fanatics. As for a Libra, they should always look for balance. However, people born in October are also great teachers and philosophers, and sometimes they will travel as far as possible to find the truth.

The best advice for these people is to avoid drugs or any such substances at all costs. October is the month of Libra and Scorpio. If you are born in the second half of the month you are governed by Scorpio, hence by Pluto. Scorpio native is decided, refined, mysterious and curious, but also jealous and sly. The Scorpio can fascinate because of his strong character, especially because it has something mysterious in it. Their will and desire to assert individuality, the instinct of preservation, tenacity and perseverance, a way of thinking and acting strongly influenced by feelings - are very pronounced features in the Scorpio, which can be added to good knowledge and objective awareness, pride and self-esteem.

The Scorpio can successfully embrace a career as researcher and psychologist. With a desire to always progress and advance in life, you can accrue special opportunities for success. Ambitious and competitive, with a quick intelligence, you are usually willing to work hard to accomplish your objectives.

If you avoid the responsibility needed to fulfill your destiny, however, you may not be able to satisfy your strong need to build something of permanent value. If you fulfill your high calling and leadership potential, you are likely to be at the forefront of your career, particularly in the field of law, education, or business. Dramatic and expressive, you may enjoy occupations that allow you to be creative, such as in the world of art or entertainment.

Alternatively, a strong sense of duty and a sensitive and caring nature suggest that you may be drawn to occupations that involve helping others, such as in public service, medicine, or the healing world generally. Having a strong imagination and sense of vision, you may wish to use this in careers in film or advertising.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Numerology Emotional sensitivity and creativity are two of the attributes of a number 23 birthday. Usually you are versatile and a quick thinker, with a professional attitude and a mind full of inventive ideas. With the number 23 influence, you can learn new subjects easily but may prefer practice to theory. You are fond of travel, adventure, and meeting new people; the restlessness implied by the number 23 urges you to try many different kinds of experience and helps you adapt to make the best of any situation.

The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you possess inner strength and great depth and are fiercely loyal. These qualities enable you to be brave and rise above difficulties. Self-reliant and purposeful, you prefer to be in control. Although you hide your feelings, your idealistic and truthful nature indicates that when you speak out, you can be brutally frank.

Although at times you can be fearless, watch out that your sharp criticism does not offend others.

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  • October 28 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality.

Drawn toward forceful individuals, you make use of your powerful feelings by expressing your love dramatically. On occasion, however, your personal relationships may suffer from your contrasting moods or your excessive materialism. With your strong emotions, you can be caring, with a compassionate and demonstrative nature. Devotion and faithfulness are very important to you, but avoid an inclination to be commanding and forceful. Your Special Someone You might find emotional fulfillment and that special someone among those born on the following days. By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth.