Debilitated mercury vedic astrology

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces

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AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Debilitated Mercury in Pisces. By Nitin Datta. Mercury exalts in Virgo and it debilitates in Pisces.

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  • Mercury is the significator of intelligence in Astrology. The ability to analyze and interpreting results is also governed by Mercury. It also signifies the education aspect of a person. The type of academic education of a person is judged through Mercury in the horoscope.

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    AstroSage TV. Buy Today. Best quality gemstones with assurance of AstroSage. A person who is researching in the field of Physical science or Mathematics or Astronomical studies will find great results if Mercury is exalted in his chart with some influence of Mars. People who have exalted mercury are excellent Critiques. Give them any position, any topic or any subject and they will detail it so beautifully and point out the pros and cons of that thing to the finest detail.

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    • Hence, people with exalted Mercury will always find success in the profession of a Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, A financial broker in a brokerage firm — something which involves deep analysis with numbers, calculations, formulas and other parameters. Because these people have that capacity of processing complex situations perfectly which normal people do not have.

      The Results Given By An Exalted Mercury In Birth Chart

      An exalted mercury in the 2nd house or 9th house gives excellent communication skills to the individual. If your mercury is exalted in the 2nd house, you will find success in communication, writing, advertising, news reading, journalism, reporting or anything which is related with Communications. An Exalted Mercury in the 8th house gives immense research capacity to the individual. Especially, if that research is being carried out on an unconventional topic, occult sciences or a very rare discipline.

      Remedy for debilitated Mercury (Mercury in Pisces) Ayurvedic lemon remedy

      Most of the researchers who have succeeded in their research work have the position of a good mercury in their chart. If your mercury is positioned in the 8th house and is exalted, it will be best if you take up a very rare subject and do research work on it — you will certainly be successful in your efforts. An exalted Mercury with a combination of Good Rahu, or Good Ketu gives success in the fields of Information technology. They make good programmers, software engineers or database administrators.

      Rahu and Ketu are the planets which increases the processing power of large amount of information and data, so if they are positioned well in a birth chart with an Exalted Mercury, that person will find success in the fields of Data analysis, database administrators, Data scientists, Technical architect, software architect and so forth. An exalted Mercury with the good position of Jupiter or Saturn gives success in Banking sector, in accounting, taxation or anything which needs calculation of numbers or money. An exalted Mercury with good position of Moon gives success in Writing and composition.

      If you have an Exalted Mercury and the position of Moon is good in the chart, you will find success in the field of Writing. You can be a Novelist, a poet, a journalist or editor, a blogger or a media professional who writes on a particular topic and will be considered an expert in that given discipline.


      Although, Mercury considers Moon as its enemy but Moon does not consider Mercury as its enemy, so Moon supports Mercury and makes it more powerful, thereby increasing the qualities of imagination and expression. An exalted Mercury in the 7th house makes a successful businessman. Mercury is the planet which rules Business and 7th house is the house of business. So if the planet which is the ruler of the business trade is sitting in the 7th house, it gives tremendous trading capabilities to that individual.

      An exalted mercury in the 7th house with a powerful Saturn makes a successful entrepreneur. Exalted Mercury in 7th house also gives wealth, sons and material pleasures. This does not mean that anyone who has Exalted Mercury in 7th house will always be a business man, by default. There are other factors to consider but this is a general observation that if someone has exalted Mercury in the 7th house, he finds success in business. That business need not be a multi million dollar enterprise — it can even be a small coffee shop.

      The magnitude depends on the strength of the overall birth chart, the strength of ascendant, mahadasha, antardasha, nakshatra and lot of other things. But the general observation is that exalted Mercury in 7th house generally gives success in business — be it big be it small. The maximum debilitation point for Mercury is 15 degrees in Pisces. Pisces is the house of creativity, imagination and expression.