Capricorn weekly horoscope for october 14 2019

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

Fighter planet Mars, which is currently in Virgo, trines your ruling planet Saturn, which is at home in your sign. As a result, you may feel tempted to shut other people down, but avoid doing so, as you'll only regret it. Your sign is often misunderstood as "boring" simply because you're good at business. One place where you prove how exciting you are is in the bedroom. You're kinky and confident , and you need a partner who can keep up.

The full moon in Pisces on Friday, September 13 brings out your romantic, animalistic, and creative side. Try something new with your partner, or if you're single, treat yourself to a new sex toy. You can spot false motives and fake kindness from a mile away. You're nearly impossible to fool, and when someone is acting manipulative, you know it. On Saturday, September 14 , both lover planet Venus and communication planet Mercury both enter Libra, the sign of balance. Libra energy is extremely flirtatious.

While you're not above turning on the charm to get what you want professionally, you can't stand such behavior from anyone else. Over the next several weeks, themes of fairness will emerge. If someone is playing you, you'll know it.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for Next Week | California Psychics

However, you also need to hold yourself to such universal standards, so avoid behavior that's below you. The Sun and new moon will be in your eleventh house of friendship, and Uranus will attack both from your fifth house of love. It looks like a friend or love relationship could become rocky almost instantly when unexpected news surfaces. I am not sure if you will be shocked by what a friend does or says or what your sweetheart may tell you. This would be someone you are dating, not married to, as marriage is a different house.

Looking at this, it seems more likely to be a friend who touches off the dramatic incident. Alternatively, it may be that one of your children, at least a teen not younger , who might draw your attention and concern you.

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Still, it seems more likely to be a friend or casual acquaintance who causes shock. Coincidentally, at the same time as this distracting October 27 new moon, Mars will be at a degree square to Pluto, so news at the office will need tending to from you. Your nerves may be a little raw but stay steady when dealing with VIPs at the office.

Everyone will be walking around a little bruised from the new moon, so be the calm, warm voice amid a sometimes chaotic world. This, too, will pass. You may welcome November when Mercury will open up your schedule, appointments get postponed, and you will have free time to catch up on everything.

This will be a landmark month for important growth in both your career and home life. You are a cardinal sign, so you are known to insist on progress and will be the first to lead others to a goal. This month, you will have the majority of planets in cardinal signs like yours, so events will move quickly, especially in the first half of the month.

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  • You are very fortunate in that you will have action-hero Mars in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, along with a crowd of happy planets there too, and they will all support your career goals every step of the way. If there were ever a time to interview for a new position or to ask for a promotion, it is now, and the earlier in the month you do so, the better.

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    You will start to see the truth of this as soon as this coming December, and more so as you enter Something is culminating at home, and your attention will turn there to ensure that all goes well over the weekend of October That will be the time of the full moon in Aries, pointing your attention to your home life and also to the needs of family. Alternatively, it may be that you will pay close attention to the needs of a parent, for both your mother and father relate to the fourth house where the brilliant full moon will be. Good-fortune planet Jupiter will again be very supportive of this full moon, ready and able to help you arrange things just so.

    You will also find your parents are supportive of you, and if the tables turn and you need their help, they will want to do all they can for you, so ask. The end of the month brings turbulence from a rather fierce and disagreeable new moon in Scorpio on October A friend or sweetheart—or one of your children, if grown—may say or do something that upsets you. This does not seem to be a romantic partner, but more likely a friend or older offspring, but I cannot say that with absolute certainty, so I must list all.

    If you are married, it will not affect your committed relationship, as the marriage house is not being looped into this new moon. It is always disappointing when a friend or person you love and trust crosses you or commits a betrayal. If this should happen, it will be up to you to decide whether to work to mend the relationship or leave it altogether. These are powerful planets and will create a strong impact that could take up to six months to fully resolve.

    Capricorn weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

    Mercury is the planet of logic, objective thinking, and communication, but during this period will dim its powers. This will add to the confusion of the October 27 new moon and may cause you to misread a situation and jump to a conclusion. If you hear something that makes you feel immediately emotional, take a moment to check the facts. No one will have an easy time in the last week of the month when Uranus will oppose the Sun and moon on October 27, shaking up the status quo and causing the pieces of the situation to fly in different directions.

    It might be possible to pick up those pieces and start anew, but all will depend on how you feel about what you learn after you have vetted the facts. This new moon is a testing new moon, meant to cleanse a situation if need be by airing information in daylight. Your ruling planet Mercury wants you take deep breaths on Monday.

    Listen, and check in with yourself without quick reactivity. May it all be yours! Happy birthday, Libra! As the birthday cash rolls in, are you thinking about how to spend and save responsibly?

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    This weekend is a grounding, healthy, and organizing moon, which helps gets you back in a routine. Extreme makeover, Scorpio? You know you want to change your beliefs so you can be a happier you. On Monday, think of values like joy, gratitude, and courage and how you can use them to live a happier life. Surrender is sweet, Sagittarius.

    Your October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

    Let go of whatever circumstances, relationships, or events that are keeping you low. After working your butt off, you want to reconnect with friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so give that joy to yourself and others.

    Capricorn Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope October 7-14 2019