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Feb March 8th Pisces are in the know!! June 21st is the start of the Cancer Sun sign - it's the longest day of the year AND the Sun is at its' most powerful in the northern hemisphere. Take your cues from nature and realize there ar e no accidents. You have tremendous personal power!! You know it but at times still hide your treasure trove of gifts under a bush sometimes. Your power may be quiet and understated but none the less it is very effective! The zodiac sign Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, with its impenetrable outer shell and vulnerable underside.

The Crab also carries its home on its back, and Cancer is about setting up a cozy and safe space wherever it goes. Change can threaten this security-seeking sign, which seeks to plant deep roots. Sentimental and nostalgic most of you July born Crabs love anything to do with history and the past. It's rare to meet a Cancerian who doesn't love to reminisce of days gone by and has the photos displayed prominently throughout the house.

George Eastman Eastman Kodak founder built an empire while supplying us with the means to preserve our yesteryears! You are the premier caretaker of the zodiac! You have many talents just waiting to be tapped into and displayed but you can get so busy fluffing pillows and serving tea and sympathy to others.

You end up going subway with your own needs and don't realize that you need to get yours too! It is very important for you to balance your emotional life carefully, so that you are neither too closed off from others nor too open. No one is more devoted to family than you are.

Oftentimes you go above and beyond in this department and neglect your other endeavors - especially the fun ones. Speaking of fun- you possess the most outrageous laugh when your funny bone gets tickled. What drives those close to you crazy is when you, without notice, decide that laugh time is over and nothing is funny. That's called being moody and you own that in spades! You can be happy one moment, sharing humor and full of witty jokes and then an hour later you are struggling to shake the melancholy cobwebs out of your head.

You need to be around people who understand you and know that this too shall pass! Money and material resources bring you the needed security you desire. So many of you don't take well to losing money and are the best at investing and watching it grow. Mark Burnett, John D. Drummer, Ringo Starr was considered the fun-loving zany Beatle. You are one of the 3 water signs of the zodiac and that means those still waters of yours run deep - making you emotional and ultra sensitive. All water signs can tend to go to extremes at times and every sign has their fair share of people who went too far over the edge.

Most dysfunction is unmet needs gone very wrong and impressionable Cancer, when affected, can find themselves cut deep into their psyche. When the ability to master ones life takes place some remarkable Cancer people can fill a ballroom. So we celebrate you, lovely Cancer the Crab, who are the salt of the earth, who can stretch a dollar from sunup to sundown, and who makes us laugh out loud and bring a tear to our eye every time we read your words or read about you.

Visually Simil Visually Similar Results. Gemini is a constellation that was first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The constellation represents the twins Castor and Pollux in ancient times, in Greek mythology. You were born to talk to everyone and enchant them in the process, Dear Gemini. Look up the word Charming in the dictionary and you'll find your picture and a slew of words that aptly describe you: captivating, attractive, alluring, fascinating, clever, etc.

People who don't know you but get the chance to spend a little bit of time with you come to the conclusion that you are witty, funny and so very interesting? The flip side is that you are as impatient as you are charming. You don't have time for stick in the mud people who are wishy-washy and can't make up their minds. You and everyone within an earshot knows where you stand on an issue - at least for today! Tomorrow you could have a change of heart and possibly a change of address. Standing still is not your thing! Where might you find a Gemini hanging out? Any place were there is socializing to be done!

Networking groups, singing in their car, running for political office, arguing a white-collar crime case in Supreme Court, the corner bar, learning their speaking lines for the Broadway show they're in, running errands, ballroom dancing, a book store, talking on the phone, etc.

You're a curious browser, a goer and a doer - your nose is in everything! As a fast talker and an equally fast listener it doesn't take you long to devour a book when it's a real favorite subject of yours. JFK was a speed reader, unlike most people in his genre. You are an air sign and like Aquarius and Libra you lead a cerebral existence - relying on your brain power to get you through life. Often times you have a hard time turning off your brain at the end of the day. Speaking and writing is what you do best and that includes talking people into your point of view.

If your mother knew about astrology when you were younger she would have surely seen to it that you had the training to speak 2 languages fluently or at the very least she would have read you 3 extra books more each night than she did to your Taurus or Aries sibling. Being a Gemini means that there is a duality to your nature.

Everything for you comes in twos! Because you get bored easily and crave variety, having two of everything agrees with your duplicitous nature. In your life you'll count multiples of everything - cars, homes, careers, friends, love relationships, etc.

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My Gemini neighbor had 3 cars - a convertible, a 4 door sedan and a 4-wheel drive for the winter. He also, had a house in upstate NY, a second home in the Adirondack's on a lake and a boat in the water. He managed to keep it to one happy wife - she told me herself! You are the most ambidextrous of the 12 signs. Even Andre Agassi who is a Taurus has a lot of Gemini in his astrological birth chart. Tennis, anyone? TAURUS the BULL April May21 - Earth Sign Taurus, it's funny that the first impression you give people is of being agreeable, calm and easy going so that when you have a spell of being utterly stubborn and determined it comes as a shock to people the first time around.

I am reminded of a story. My friend went on an ocean cruise around Spain with her family and when they came upon the Rock of Gibraltar she was in awe of the immense size and presence of it. She turned to her nephew who was next to her and said, "that rock has been through the worst storms and taken a beating from many hostile armies but it still remains the same and never changes no matter what happens. Nothing has ever been able to move it.

Is it any wonder that Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson was born May 2nd! He personifies what the male Taurus looks and acts like - built for power and to go the distance! I watched him in a couple of interviews and he is one cool dude - easy and poised. I think that Taurus, Tina Fey is the picture perfect female version- possessing an admirable calm about her.

There is a basic honesty and candor even to her comic delivery. Male or female, you win the prize for being the most warm, patient, and gentle soul of the zodiac. Next to a giant teddy bear, you define what it is to be cozy and cuddly. No one enjoys having a plush, soft, personal recliner to sink into every evening like you do. It's part of your strong tactile sense that you've had since you were a baby. Clothing, bedding, and furniture are just a few of the things that have to stand up to the luxury- feel test you insist on. You are a magnet for money and finances- it comes easy to you.

Real estate and anything that can be planted around that real estate in the earth are natural. For anyone dating, wanting to date, rooming with or considering hiring a Taurus as their hair dresser, realtor or doctor, I'd like to clue you in to some of their finer qualities and very few of their not so fine qualities. The word strength keeps popping up when you are around Taurus people.

They are physically strong and usually have voices that can belt out a tune. They have incredible self control, enough to hold back a team of horses. They buy cars, houses and consumable goods that are sturdy and robust like they are. Their value system is a real asset for them and they rarely compromise on it.

They are true to their word - so if they make a date with you, you can count on them to keep it and even bring along a bouquet of flowers from their garden.

Earth sign, remember! They are solid, practical thinkers with no frills, and no mental gymnastics when they are talking with you. Loyal to a fault, they expect you to be also. They possess a rare quality - they graciously accept people as they are, without quibbling!! Their vices are few. Remember the Rock of Gibraltar - immovable, well, they sometimes get it in their pretty little heads that the sofa is where they want to be watching reruns of Friends or the Godfather trilogy for the next 3 days and that's exactly what they do!

There is no moving them! It's set, done, finished, period! It's hard to get them out of the house when they start relaxing. They give all new meaning to the word comfortable. Their picture is in the dictionary next to the word!! Ok, so there is one other teeny-weeny annoyance they possess - they tend to go overboard with their possessions. They enjoy surrounding themselves with all the lovelies and high quality comforts that they can afford.

They are very generous with those they love and care about. So, build another garage or another walk-in closet - it's a small price to pay for contentment! Just one more tiny thing to bring up. I wouldn't say they have a bad temper but when they get very angry, which is a once every other year occasion, they can make the windows shake and send the dog running for cover to the neighbors house.

After reading all of this, don't you want them as your realtor? Or at the very least a friend for life! She looks forward to new challenges and is raring to experience the same at the blink of an eye. An Arian female has big dreams in life and chances of her achieving all of them ranks quite high. Most of the time, it is her freedom-loving nature that does not go well with the male ego. An Aries woman can survive in the toughest of situations and can make a noteworthy comeback after the most horrible of tragedies. Interestingly, an Aries woman is multidimensional - she can play the role of a docile female and at the same time, do everything that a man does, almost perfectly.

All that you need to do is be respectful of her aggressive drive and draw the line if she wants to rule the roost. First to finish line, first to get Giants season tickets, first to pick up the tab, first to win your heart! This guy is a true, sentimental romantic!

Being a strong shoulder for you to cry on is another one of his ways. If there have been too many squashed and stepped on dreams the Ram becomes a lamb and chivalry is dead!! He is built for speed -quick walking, talking, driving, etc. He takes great pride shining it every chance he gets! You can take that in the best or worst possible way!! Another annoying trait they have - they think they are more interesting than you are! Whether they say it or not they do think it!! They can be total spendthrifts. They can be a lousy judge of character. They have a Pollyanna way of looking at the world at times.

We are starting off Spring with its first New Moon in Aries! A New Moon and where it is placed in your birth chart represents where you will invest more of your energy in the following 2 weeks. The new moon on March 27 has your name written all over it. The Sun, new moon, Venus, Uranus and Mercury will be in Aries — that is remarkable, for that adds up to having half our solar system cruising in your sign — and those heavenly bodies will put you in the lead.

You will have control over events and relationships, and things will likely go your way. This could be a landmark month, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now in your marriage house, and you may be making a promise to the one you love. March 25 - April 6th birthdays are reaching for the stars and getting to keep one in their pocket for the next 2 weeks!! Whether you change your appearance or change a habit, you are very popular right now! Take advantage, please!!!

You will do best by working behind closed doors, alone, in an environment of privacy. Your intuition and desires seem to come forward right now. Hospitals and institutions are accented. After almost two months of concentration on your career, the universe will provide you balance in terms of fun. With the new moon, Sun, Uranus surprise , Mercury your ruler , and Venus in Aries, you will have half the solar system in your eleventh house of friends, fun, and new contacts. No matter what is on your agenda in late March, make sure you give yourself a break from high-pressure stress.

Review your long and short term goals. In that respect, it will be quite fascinating and bring you experience you will be glad you got under your belt. July 9 - 18 birthdays still seem to be under pressure. Either a collaborator or partner is being difficult or you will need to compete for the job, amid a field of fierce candidates. Travel gives you a real boost right now. June 25 - July 4th birthdays are on the receiving end of this positivity!! Long range plans are a part of this. Travel may be the most fun part of the month, and even though it appears to be done for business, it certainly will be refreshing.

Triggered by the new moon, March 27, you will have five heavenly bodies in your ninth house of international relationships: the Sun authority , the new moon opportunity , Venus fun , Uranus spontaneity, surprise , and Mercury news. This indicates you will have a lot of emphasis on travel or intense discussions with people abroad, very possibly who work in media. The fires of love will be fanned by travel too in late month, so if the opportunity strikes, take it. This kind of funding will allow you to find a way to get the money to fund a dream.

Alternatively, you may be given the green light to move ahead on a creative project. Whatever occurs at this time will happen suddenly, without warning. It's more that possible that that money could be on the way to you, especially if you prepare an accurate business plan. August September 6th birthdays are in the drivers seat! You have a strong need to interact with people.

The road might not be exactly easy, as you will still face obstacles. However, if you are about to get engaged or married, you will have an open road, and if you feel you know one another well by now, you have only happy days ahead. Be sure to go by the book and know the rules of this relationship in love or business.

Follow your heart, as it will reliably point you in the right direction. September 25 - October 4th birthdays will find the ideal compromise! Planets are gathering in your sixth house of work, all in Aries, suggesting you will soon have something new and quite entrepreneurial to do. Or, it may be that you will be starting your own business with a new spot in mind. Near or far it will be a fresh start. You will have lots to do, and plenty to learn. The Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus are all crowded in this, your workaday area of your chart, indicating a lot of energy is being focused here, and the presence of the Sun brings a direct link to your career reputation and status from the projects you are working on now.

You have a sterling chance to recreate your professional life now. October 25 - November 5 birthdays are feeling the glow as they go for the Gold! Rose Gold! Love is in the air for many of you and if you would like to meet a new love interest the chances are greater at work or through a relative. November December 6th birthdays have a dazzling chance to feel the love all around! You have the opportunity to make a better, more comfortable, and stylish home at the new moon, March Over the past several years, you have had a much greater emphasis on home and family than any other sign, and more instability than most too.

Those dinners out during a kitchen renovation bring about a resurgence of romance! There's always a silver lining! The phone, emails, face to face talks are a big part of the next 2 weeks for you. You will need to rest your mind and voice box after this. A sibling of yours figures into the activity too! January February 5 birthday Aquarians should schedule a mid-April long weekend right now! This new moon will have powerful help from Pluto, and a friend may make an important introduction for you now that proves to be a lucrative contact, or help you get funding you need.

On the other hand, Saturn will be in hard angle to this new moon, March 27, indicating the work that is offered to you at this point in the month and the year will be prestigious but represent a need to put in a strenuous effort. In fact, the work you do now may test the very depths of your talents — an exciting prospect. Considering all you will need to do to fulfill the role, you may feel you would not be justly compensated — even if the fee were large. You might even have a delay in money coming your way, but it will come.

February 25 - March 7th Pisces know the energy of this aspect the most! Consider having a group Astrology Party for an upcoming special birthday, bridal surprise, or family gathering. Contact me. Webite: womaninthemoonastrology. The Full Moon of March 12th offers us new opportunities to see things in a new light, guiding us towards integration, rather than polarization and division. This is a time when starting on that new fitness regimine gets off to a good start. Doctors appointments that were put on the back burner could be given a priority in your life.

Mars is no longer in Aries as of the 10th, so your sense of urgency starts to wain and you go into a chill out mode. April 8- 16th rams feel this strength of this vibration the most. The compatibility is immense and you find yourself romantically charged during this lunar vibration.

There is a special something in the air for you with its own beautiful energy attached. There is a more social and playful you emerging in the last couple of days. If your birthday is between May 9- 15th you feel positive that the next 5 days ahead will be easy sailing. Home and family are on your mind right now, with particular energies being focused on your mother or mother figure. Whatever is in the forefront of your mind, you will find it winding down during the next week ahead.

If you are born between June 8 - 16th you will appreciate that your energies were well placed here and be proud of a job well done. You should have extra income due to what is happening at this time. December th birthday Sag's are feeling very hopeful that the hard work is paying off!!

LEO You enjoy your money, Leo and this full moon in Virgo on the 12th will help you finalize a financial agreement. The emphasis is on striking up a balance and making this a win-win for everyone. You've got the energy to press forward and bring this to a meaningful fruition for yourself and others. August 9- 16th Lions are brave and daring. In addition, Saturn in Sagittarius is making a tense aspect to this Moon in Virgo.

The theme is about real estate owned and family relationships and it definitely has your attention! Those of you born September th are in the thick of it. There is a romantic element that moves you to make a decision. LIBRA Something is brewing behind the scenes and this full moon has a chance of bringing any secret into the light.

It's a much quieter few days than what you are used to. Socializing is one of your favorite things to do but this week the one on one visits holds greater appeal to you. Libra's born between October th may enjoy the quiet of working. This full moon of March 12th will find you digging into your wallet for extra funds to pay for these fun times. Your beer pocketbook can't do the champagne socializing and you'll have to come to grips with it. That membership to join a club, organization or seminar has you wondering if it is worth it. November th birthdays really know what I'm talking about.

Whatever is happening, all signs point to either gaining higher ground in status through a new position or being recognized for the work you currently are presenting for all to see. There is something at the end of this rainbow ride for you and it could be the end of extended travel in the future. January th born Cap's know that something is coming to an end. Keep your eyes and ears open for other doors of opportunity that are within an arms reach.

You are paid for work you do and it translates into cash, and how you direct that cash says a great deal about what is most important to you. This full moon of March 12 may bring money in and see it go out. You may have a large bill to pay, but it also seems possible that you will be receiving a large sum too. You are grappling with a certain relationship and it seems that a communications breakthrough is very possible. Emotions are strong at this time but are positive too. Because full moons bring energies to a completed finish you may be closing one door of possibility but opening another one.

Birthday Fish from March th have the most to gain by adopting a easy way of thinking!! Hello Friends, We are looking at this months New Moon with a solar eclipse along for the ride - it falls in the sign of Pisces at 8 degrees. An Eclipse brings a powerful energy to each of us - use it for accomplishing good! They also have a way of clarify those things that seemed murky. Pisces is the healer of the zodiac - the gentle dreamer. Where does there need to be "a healing" in your life.

Look at your chart - bottom left corner to see where your Rising Sign AC is and read that along with your Sun sign. Mars action and Uranus change are together on the same day in Aries. Expect the unexpected and don't be surprised if something from behind the scenes peeks out to be revealed. Of course you are the "birthday babe"for the next 3 weeks but in addition to that this months the New Moon is in Pisces on February If that wasn't enough, there is a outstanding lunar eclipse happening at the same time and it is forming a beautiful trio the Moon, Sun and Neptune in Pisces and it's working for you.

If your birthday is February 21 - March 4th you are in the line of strongly reaping the benefits. It is an excellent time for you to go within and work with that coach about what you are looking to change. Is there something you fear or have discomfort over?

You're the Ram, so tackle it head on. Mars is in Aries and there is nothing you can't do right now. March April 3rd birthdays are in Triumph mode!! Everyone wants you at their party or gathering. The upcoming week is tinged with a little magic in the air for you socially speaking. Fundraising events are high on your priority too. April May 3rd Bulls are loving these aspects the most. Go out and make yourself known! You are being talked about with those higher up and will get more than just a pat on the back.

The seeds you are planting right now in your career are going to grow into a money garden for you this year. Help things along with some plant food - you don't need much. Just act strategically at this time and watch as the weeks ahead unfold. A friend may surprise you in some way you least expected. All Geminis benefit, though May June 3 Twins are in the home stretch! Travel during the week has it's surprises so plan accordingly. If you can't travel at this time you may be drawn to a class that gets your creative juices flowing.

The theme is certainly stimulation of the right brain where art, design and imagery is accented. Those of you born June July 4th will really feel the urge to fly the coupe or expand your brain power. This opens up an avenue for loans, commissions, insurance payouts, inheiritance, etc.

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You could be receiving the funds that you need to accomplish an end goal. Take your time signing paperwork. Cross your T's and dot your I's when it comes to looking over contracts or applications!! Those Leo's who are born July August 3 are in the drivers seat on this one! VIRGO: Your ability to make a commitment in a business or personal relationship has never been stronger.

You continue to become more clear on a certain relationship as the days and weeks unfold. August Sept 3rd Virgos are happy to have this time where certainty rules the month! Work will be promising, for you will have an assignment that is creative AND enjoyable.

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Check out those dental, chiropractic or GP needs you have and use this time to realize a clean bill of health. Get a 2nd opinion if you need to. September Oct.

What Does the Full Moon in Gemini Mean?

Babies and children may be on your mind. Don't be surprised if something very dear to your heart pops up and you begin working on this day and night. If you aren't in a serious relationship right now, the chances are big that you could fall in love at this with Ms or Mr Right!! Valentine's Day is coming several days late October Nov. There could be a new start in your home arena.

The 4th House of home and family has a green light for go attached at this time. Some of you may not move but will renovate your existing home. Water problems - in your pipes, well, or because of flood damage is a possibility. Your imagination is heightened and a big life event is very possible. Writing, speaking and thinking are all a part of this 3rd House accent.

Being deliberate is your middle name so there is little chance that you will slack off from noticing any wording that is out of order. It is an excellent time during the next days to ask for that raise. You are a wonderful inventor naturally but this Moon puts you in a supreme innovator class all your own. January February 2nd birthday Aquarians are feeling the strongest vibration from this eclipse.

Don't hold back! Where would the world be without your abilities to sympathize and listen to all our troubles. The old saying, "they saved the best till last," aptly describes the 12th sign of the zodiac. I'll tell you why! In my something years of looking at astrological birth charts, Pisces is the sign I see in more, doctors, nurses and health practitioners charts.

No one is more compassionate and selfless than you are. As a water sign, you swim in the deep waters of life where you pick up on every sight and sound around. You need to guard against taking in too much of the people, places and things in your surroundings only to find that your emotional and physical reserves are tapped. Communing among natures mountains and oceans should be a regular source of relief from life's demands.

Your super sonic intuition takes you where you need to go to realize your hearts desires in every aspect of your life. Of course your sign is the 2 fishes - one swimming upstream the other downstream. Because you can be so adaptable, you almost enjoy going in opposite directions and eluding others if they try and pin you down. One things for sure, you'll never be a stereotype! Every Pisces draws from their soulful, poetic side and even in there is that "old hippie" in you that drives the psychedelic bus to get you around. Contemporary crooner, Adam Levine, transports his listeners with his meditative sounds.

Of course, Pisces Theodor Giesel, better known as Dr. Seuss really took us on a wild ride of imagination in all his books - Green Eggs and Ham anyone!! Every sign has it's unflattering characteristics and Pisces can get stuck in some murky waters. There is a secretive, escapist side to Pisces that can find it hard to break free of those dark places. Curt Cobain lost his grip on life at a young age. The poet novelist, Jack Kerouac wrote passionately and gave life to the "Beat Generation" of his time, died relatively young from the excess' of drug and alcohol abuse.

He said, " My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them, " Pisces, Robert Downey, Jr. Drew Barrymoore melted our hearts when she appeared in the movie, E. She lived a tumultuous life that took her many years to step onto the straight and narrow path. Justin Bieber has walked a fine line too. A most beautiful depiction of the American West and it's crystal-clear majesty is found in the black and white landscape pictures of photographer, Ansel Adams. But it is the life's work of Einstein that gave us endless theories to ponder.

So the next time you meet a Pisces you can inform them that you know they belong to a very elite group of mystical people that seem to defy description. And as they turn on their heals to leave you'll hear them murmur, "And that's the way I want to keep it! Aquarius is an air sign - very cerebral- makes beautiful use of our mental energy.

It is all about starting fresh and thinking bigger. Aquarius energy is also about finding new meaning to things and thinking outside of the box. Perhaps make the time around the New Moon to approach your life from a different point of view, perhaps make the time to open your field of vision to something bigger. It is also a way of granting you access into a new version of your own truth. The gift of the water carrier is being able to scoop up heavy emotions and hold space for them so we can all see them and process them in a new way.

Groups and organizations will come into light for you. You may be attending a large party or charity benefit, or you might attend a lecture, concert or sporting event. Striking up conversations may gain you a new friend. Romantically, love is in the air for you.

12222 Moon Phases

For single Rams, a good friend may set you up on a blind date, and you may find great chemistry exists between you and your date — you both might be off to a good start. March April 5th Aries birthdays strongly feel these vibes. Taurus Your 10th house of Career and being in the public eye is about to get a big boost within days after the new moon appears on January Efforts you make now toward growing your reputation will pay off. If you want a new position, this will be the time to interview or to present ideas to VIPs in your present job. This is a subtle but effective New Moon and you are feeling bullish!

Those of you born April May 5th are getting a handle on this. Gemini The New Moon January 28 will fall in line with all things of long distance travel - now or setting it up in the near future. Aquarius, an air sign like yours, is most compatible for you so your world is feeling more than just OK! This New Moon will open doors - it could find you speaking to large groups and pointing you towards publishing or broadcasting your views in some way. Whatever it is, you will be appreciated for your skills.

May June 5th birthdays start to see the light. Cancer Money management will become a priority at the new moon of January You might even find yourself involved in other people's finance. You can really delve into money and tax matters this coming week. Use this time to get it done. June July 5th birthdays are surely setting course in the best way possible. Leo This New Moon has you focused intently on your business and close personal partnerships.

Be open and optimistic that this Valentines Day is looking brighter than you think. July August 5th birthdays are in the mood for love as well as solidifying business partnerships too. You are very zeroed in on work and some new assignments in areas that you have not explored before. Whatever comes up, you will do well, for you will be quite motivated to be thorough and to excel. Libra This could be your favorite part of the month right now. The New Moon in Aquarius - January 28 will be sunshine in a bottle. Love is in the air for both single and attached Librans.

This is an excellent time that also favors children or maybe it's just about the "kid in you" that gets to express itself in a big way. September October 5th birthdays will experience the merriment of this energy in a big way. Scorpio The end of the month will bring another New Moon on January 28th when you may be thinking of making changes at home.

You may move, renovate, make repairs, or ask the painters to come in to paint several rooms. You might declutter closets and give all to charity. New Home plans are on the agenda for sure. October November 5th Scorpios have this theme well within their view! Sagittarius This New Moon of January 28th finds you gadding about in many different directions.

Your 3rd house of communications is set up for you to get out there and talk up your business or the company you work for. Go ahead and throw that big party in the coming week - all will enjoy attending. Yes, your guests will be talking about this one for weeks afterwards. Birthday Sags' Nov. If you are self-employed, raise your rates!

The next week is your window of opportunity to take it to the limit. Be courageous - It's time! December January 5th goats are ready for this! Aquarius This is your month to shine bright!! The January 28th New Moon is in your sign and it will be your birthday present from a loving universe. Although you are used to caring for everyone in your circle, this moment is about you, what you want for yourself in your new birthday year. What one goal would be exciting to achieve in the coming twelve months?

Many of you are changing up how you dress, your hair, etc. You feel compelled to make those changes! Go for IT! These ideas will fuel your cash flow as well. Read that book or take that class that you have been wanting to. A month from now you will be so busy that you have wished you did. February March 5th Fish are on the receiving end of this energy for sure! Schedule a fun astrology party!! Together, this combination will ignite power struggles and make all of us feel a bit uneasy. Cancer also signifies home, family, thoughts of yesterday. So, it's the perfect time to ask yourself the question - "what am I hiding or avoiding that needs to be addressed?

The Sun continues its journey through the serious, hard working sign of Capricorn - the sign of big business and it's opposite this Full Moon of Cancer. The U. Is it any wonder that battle lines are being drawn between the media and President-elect Trump - big business and our country- today! Since the Full Moon always illuminates, we can expect this emotional climate to expose things of a personal or global level. The upcoming New Moon fresh starts of January 28th in Aquarius humanitarian for the masses will usher in the possibility of a more hopeful future and bring our fears to a more restful place.

You have talents within you that can be brought to light if you commit to developing them. Although this Full Moon is coming to you with difficult issues remember that it is a clearinghouse and sometimes things get worse before they get better. You've got what it takes to deal with this head on! Your personal or business partnerships are being accented.

Demands are being presented and you feel the push-pull between home and work. Patience is your virtue - call on it! January 19th birthdays are under the gun the most. This full moon of January 12 will require that you finish up that important work project. Just keep your eye on whatever you are working on to ensure a prompt and efficient close. Travel is not favored and won't go smooth but it doesn't mean that the pot of money won't be at the end of your rainbow efforts.

February birthdays are slugging this one out. Stick to your guns! PISCES You have it a little bit easier this week than others do because the full moon in Cancer meshes very nicely with your water sign. Love, romance and children are highlighted right now. Single fish stand to meet a new love interest. If you have a child they would be pleasing to you right now. There might be tension around money - it's temporary.

March 11 - 19th birthdays will be influenced greatly. Socially you are being seen as a delight to be around. Moving or resigning your current lease may be on your mind. For other Rams, home remodeling should be at a completion for many of you. Unexpected issue pop up right now and your patience feels like it's being tested. April 11 - 20th birthdays are most affected.

Those whom you answer to are putting pressure on you and although you always aim to please, you're feeling anything but kindly towards them. Any trips you take for work will be short. If you can wait 1 more week to sign a contract, do so. May 11 Bulls are on the receiving end of this big time. It's big time on your mind. Pay attention to where it's going and how it's coming to you.

This full moon of January 12 is calling you to catch up and be done with certain money projects. June Twins are in the thick of it. Put your nose to the grindstone and "git er done! Your career and being in the public eye is being accented. You have been working extra hard and maybe your partner is feeling neglected. If you have a business partner, you may be at odds with them. Rome wasn't built in a day - talks to discuss the differences may take time. July birthdays are feeling this tug of war the most.

If there remains a secret or two that you left out, this is the time where it comes out. You may also feel, uncharacteristically, that you want to hide away from people and find peace and quiet. Parterships, personal and business, are being difficult. Patience is not your strong suit but you'll find that taking immediate action is not the solution either. August Lions are wrestling with a lot. VIRGO This whole month will be full of social activity - some of the parties are fun and you look forward to them but there is a cost for this and you need to be paying close attention to it.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to money. There is an expense that you never saw coming. Travel may have a few snags to contend with but all in all you fair better than others. September th birthdays are being asked to come up with the goods. This full moon will fall in Cancer and will light your tenth house of careers and honors, so a career development is coming to culmination within days of this date.

Overall, you seem to be torn between the demands of all that is going on with home and family. A certain group or committee you are on is being demanding of your time. October Libras are not resting too easy right now. SCORPIO The full moon of January 12 in Cancer 22 degrees will light your ninth house of distant travel, the media, legal matters, academia and international relationships, and matters involving passport or visa.

Something is or has come to an end or reached fulfillment, such as the end of your long trip. You got done what you needed to get done. Good for you. The Girl Scouts motto, be prepared, is very fitting at this time. November th birthdays are especially on the receiving end of this. This full moon is a bit difficult, because it will receive a challenge from Uranus and Pluto from different places in the chart. It is a bit unpredictable, so events may crop up in the next 1 - 9 days that find you, once again, reaching into your pocket to pay someone. December birthdays are looking for this time to be over!

Those of you born between September 24 - October 5th are rolling in a new year from 1 birthday to another that is par excellence! And Rising Sign Libras too are reaping the benefits. In terms of your career, if you hope to make progress, the new moon will be quite helpful, for Jupiter will align perfectly with the moon, the heavenly body that naturally rules your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Either way you can't lose. Lady Luck is shouting your name out. It's your year - now go fall in love with a person, an idea or a new place to live!! Remarkably, it will be conjunct Jupiter and the Sun, making it chock-full of opportunity and happiness.

Think of a new moon as threshold that you walk through to an entirely new road that can shape your life in the way you want it to be. This would also be the ideal new moon for working with a partner on a creative project, in the way a screenwriter would have a writing partner, or an art director would work with a photographer. This new moon will enter with the Sun to her left and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, to her right. This new moon will usher in weeks, and possibly months, of increased social interaction, and with Jupiter so prominent, they will be good for you. It looks as though the universe will be very insistent that you notice the wonderful people that are about to surround you, and to be responsive when someone says they would like to have breakfast or lunch together to see what you can cook up together.

Rather than only have a day or two, you will have ten days in which to start your efforts to increase your influence, power, and prestige in your area of expertise. A new moon can give you a much longer period of good fortune, provided you plant seeds for your goal just after the new moon. Never underestimate the power of a new moon to change your life for the better! This new moon is the finest one of the year, for it comes with her distinguished entourage, the Sun and Jupiter.

All new moons bring ten days of influence, and they decrease in strength in each passing day as you move away from the date it appears September February 25 - March 5th get the strongest rays. This magnificent new moon will come arm-in-arm with the Sun and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, filling your house of commitment, partnership, and marriage.

What a wonderful time this weekend would be to get engaged or married! If you are already committed, then it would be the right time to make plans to do something new and exciting with your partner. Alternatively, you might want to make a business relationship official by hiring a business partner, agent, publicist, writing partner, lawyer, or even a doctor.

Anyone who works with you in a one-on-one relationship would be a gem to you now. The theme that Jupiter in Libra is setting forth will again be emphasized. In terms of work, hiring people at home or at work , and in terms of improving and strengthening your health. A new moon brings long-term gain, so your actions will have staying power, for this new moon may color and support the entire coming twelve months. April 24 - May 5th birthdays win!

The new moon will have the power to give you much longer extended luck, for six months or a year. It will be up to you to take action. Socializing and being open to new people will work to your advantage. The new moon will fall in your fifth house of love, and because the new moon is in the marriage sign of Libra, you will meet substantial, marriageable types. You might buy, sell, rent, find a new roommate or tenant, do repairs — you can decide. I moved one year under the aspects you have, and I love my apartment — I have been living there for decades.

Again, the topic of communication, negotiation, and travel will come up.

Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope Oct 1-7 2019 Pluto Direct, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Libra

This is my favorite new moon of all of for you. Because the new moon is in Libra, it is tailor made for collaborations. The same is true if you have Leo rising 8 degrees, or a natal planet in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, 8 degrees, and in all cases, including Libra rising, give a plus or minus five degrees tolerance. Still, all Leos will have something to celebrate, for this new moon is almost flawless. A new moon will bring in a trend that can last for a year or more. The way to use this new moon is to ask for a raise.

It would be a shame not to do so! Also, if you are self-employed, work hard all month to bring in one more new clients — you are likely to land a lucrative one. This new moon will give you one of the best opportunities of the year to make a quantum leap in earned income. Rarely have you been THIS favored financially. When the scales dip the side of bright optimism can turn into a silent panic and depression.

Never let it be said that a Libra was ever unfair! Libra is an intellectual peace-maker. They are experts at smoothing out the ruffled feathers of another. Always striking a balance between love and justice - that's your theme in life. There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Gandhi What are the things that you can't see that are important? I would say justice, truth, humility, service, compassion, love.

They're the guiding lights of a life. Carter To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music that words make. Watch your renegade ways on October 7, when the Libra Sun locks into a tense square with hard-hearted Saturn, which is in Capricorn and your tenth house of challenges, regulations and authority.

In a romantic or personal relationship, you may realize that there are some fundamental differences in your goals and future visions. Are you being selfish—or just standing up for what you want? Luckily, power struggles will settle down beginning October 3, when calculating Pluto ends its annual five-month retrograde through Capricorn and this same zone of your chart. Ever since April 24, Pluto has been back-spinning through your tenth house of career and authority, which might have been responsible for those potholes on your road to success.

How can you get from Point A to Point J—and what would be the cleverest and most profitable route? With Pluto standing strong in your tenth house of public image, presenting yourself to the world as a powerhouse or a thought leader could position you for a serious status boost. Intentions set near your last birthday could come to fruition now. But watch out for resistance from others in your orbit. The full moon will lock into a power-tripping square with Pluto in Capricorn, possibly causing an authority figure or decision maker to misinterpret your moves—or try to undermine you in some way.

Since they may feel threatened by your approach, it could be worth stepping back and examining why. Life becomes more of a chessboard—but an exciting one! For the next month, you may prefer to be more private or to focus on a few key relationships. A joint business venture could percolate, or a sizzling sexual attraction may start to gather steam. Sensing that someone has soulmate potential? This lunation paves a new six-month path to greater intimacy and closeness. For longtime couples, it could spark talk of an engagement, pregnancy or merging your lives in another significant way.

Take your time and let the bond develop. A blaring interruption could invade your cocoon, however, because this new moon will sit opposite disruptive Uranus, which is in Taurus and your second house of money, work and daily routines. Mundane matters and responsibilities could throw unexpected curveball demands. Also on October 27, impatient Mars will form a frustrating square to cautious Saturn in Capricorn. The effect is like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. The silver lining? Halloween brings a wave of jubilant energy with the moon in Sagittarius flying close to adventurous Jupiter.

But there will be a trick among the treats this year as Mercury—the planet of communication, travel and technology—begins a retrograde through intense Scorpio from October 31 to November The last Mercury backspin of and the decade! An ex could resurface, and it might be hard to resist the temptation of this attraction. Think twice before sliding into their DMs…or between that familiar set of sheets. Mercury retrograde has a funny way of giving us nostalgia AND amnesia all at once! Amorous Venus is in her home sign of Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships for the first week before deep-diving into Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy and soul-merging for the rest of the month.

Solo Aries will find the dating game full of excellent prospects, but take your time getting to know them first. The urge to merge could supersede all other desires, and you might have to force yourself to stay focused on such trifles as work. People yourself included may be passive-aggressive instead of asking directly for what they want.

You might need to keep a distance from them for the next day or so till they cool down enough to talk it out. Give your indie spirit a short sabbatical this month, Aries. Partnering up is the key as the Sun travels through Libra and Scorpio, activating the two key relationship zones of your chart. This is a fabulous time to build and nurture key connections that will help you get ahead.

Go outside your usual circle and invite a potential mentor, investor or supervisor out to lunch. Make sure you do your research social media is your friend : Are they lunch at the James Beard award-winning restaurant or afternoon tea in the company cafeteria? Be clear about your goals and remember reciprocity. Make sure you follow up with a handwritten thank you card. We know, we know. So last millennium. With go-getter Mars in Libra in your companionship zone from October 3 to November 19, negotiations could hit a few stressful patches.

Tap into the forthrightness and passion of this transit and be creative about asking for what you want. For instance, if the salary is non-negotiable, request a bonus or time flexibility four-day work week anyone?

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With mental Mercury making an extended trip through Scorpio starting October 3, your eighth house of privacy and focus is activated. That gets even stronger when the Sun enters Scorpio for a month on October 23, followed by a powerful Scorpio new moon on October You could ink a joint venture or find new ways to invest your resources. This is an excellent time for research and digging into the nitty-gritty details of a project. Back up all your most important data and strengthen passwords, especially on financial sites.

Read the fine print twice and be slow to ink any contracts, giving key details extra time to be revealed. Ask questions and do your own sleuthing, too!