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Kai is committed to sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, to supporting fulfillment for each individual and to fostering robust communities of consciousness and values. Languages: German, English. My deepest experience with the tools of Kundalini Yoga was in Amritsar, my mind and soul got healing by sitting in the marvelous sound of the holy scriptures.

Since than Breath and Naad carry me through the challenges of life. Aged18 I began to be a healer as a physiotherapist, than as a socialworker and therapist for People with Special Needs. For a few years I even was a Woldorfteacher. Through being a mother of 3 children I also became a yogateacher for mothers journey and yoga for kids. As our 5 children are out of the house my husband and I started our own kundalini Yogaschool. We offer more than just level 1 and With this school we want to grow the sangat and give our pupils a home and foundation from where they than can move on, as our children did and do.

Every summer we offer a week of sangat experience near Basel in France. It is like a familymeeting and yogic holiday time. I am also one of the members who set up the Yogatherpaietraining in 3HO Germany meanwhile pranajio offers yogatherapiecourses to certain topics.. Sat Hari Singh has committed his life to bringing the Mantras, Music and scriptures from the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to a broad audience. He began studying Kundalini Yoga in He has a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and ayurvedic herbs and spices.

I was born in Haarlem, Netherlands. Started Kundalini Yoga in Amsterdam in , and started teaching it in Lived in ashrams in Amsterdam and Hamburg for many years. We have two great children. I run a Yoga center in Hamburg and am coordinator of the German 3HO Teacher Training 14 different locations for level 1, 6 for level 2, see www. Music is my thing.

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Wrote 4 different books, one of them a Kundalini Yoga novel, and one a bestseller, that has sold more than 50, copies and got translated in 5 languages. Thanks to Yogi Bhajan for everything! Originally a high school teacher in German and Geography, I started to take KY classes in Hamburg in , moved in the Ashram, became a yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher, and married Satya Singh. When our two children were old enough to go to Miri Piri Academy, I became a certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication in I appreciate teaching the Level 2 Modules because they are a constant source of inspiration and give me plenty of chances to develop and grow my understanding and practice.

Currently I am the lead trainer for 3 level 1 trainings in Germany. In addition to the course criteria described below, the student is required to attend or have attended at least one day of White Tantric Yoga in any country. Students must record attendance at a minimum of 20 KY classes during the training period, independent of Yoga on the course.

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We have ongoing non-residential taking place in Birmingham and two locations in London plus a residential training in Kent. Find out more.

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Organiser: Angad Kaur angadkaur karamkriya. Aquarian Teacher Training — Level 1. How to wake, hydrotherapy, diet, times of day, getting teh best sleep. Including shivasana. Patanjali: Pratyahaar, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. The 3 Minds. Training the mind.

Aquarian Teacher Training - Level 2

Teaching in different spaces, different levels, different groups. Message, marketing, media.

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From Pranayama to Samadhi. Resources for the teacher. Origins and Identity is a deep, transformational, frequency-adjusting gem. Continuing Education units for licensed nurses, counselors, social workers available through the California State licensing boards and for yoga teachers through IKYTA and Yoga Alliance.

For more information and to register , visit anahatayogaaz. February 17 - February 22, Scottsdale, Arizona. Discover, explore and experience how each unique element of Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice works and how these elements together form an alchemy of transformation.

PORTSMOUTH VIRGINIA, Oct 18, 12222 to Jun 7, 2020

For more information and to register , contact Shakta Khalsa at info childrensyoga. March 29 - April 3, Millis, Massachussetts. Foundation and Principles of Teaching Kundalini Yoga to People with Health Conditions Develop an understanding of the yogic psychology and physiology of illnesses related to the immune and lymphatic systems, cancer and viral conditions. Explore western treatment approaches, contraindications and the application of Kundalini Yoga to support recovery.

Level 1 trains us how to teach Kundalini Yoga to healthy people. This course deepens and expands your application of yogic philosophy, technique and habits of conscious living specifically toward health recovery and moves you from thinking like a yoga teacher to thinking like a yoga therapist with specific application to the psychology of health recovery. You will develop assessment skills, understand the process of change and how to plan a course of action with the client. Curriculum for group and private classes are provided.

Yoga teachers who are also health care providers find this training a useful adjunct to clinical practice. Teaching Kundalini Yoga to People with Cancer Incorporate your knowledge and experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and gain the specialized skills required to successfully apply Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and yogic habits of healthy living to assist a person with cancer get and stay well. The psychology of health recovery and inclusion of the family for support are addressed. Special attention is given to the personal development of the teacher to engender awareness, intuition, compassion, deep listening, sensitivity, humility, endurance and grace.

April 5 - April 8, Millis, Massachussetts.

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  5. EASTON, MARYLAND, OCT 25, 12222 – MAY 31, 2020.

This course will be taught in the German language. October 1 - October 4, Scottsdale, Arizona. Continuing Education units for licensed nurses, counselors, social workers available through the California State licensing boards and for yoga teachers through IKYTA. For more information and to register , contact info anahatayogaaz.

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Upcoming Courses Want to hold a class in your area? Looking for our online courses? At the end of the course you will be able to: Identify the indicators of PTSD and what is necessary for recovery. Understand the impact of trauma on the brain, glandular and nervous systems and how a specific practice of Kundalini Yoga restores healthy regulation to these systems.

Skillfully apply your language and manner as a teacher to deliver a Trauma Sensitive Kundalini Yoga program. In this 4 day training you will: Experience your understanding of the interconnectivity of the gross and subtle forces through the progression of the 36 tattwas, 3 gunas, and 8 chakras as we discover the meaning and impact on consciousness and on the body you have in this incarnation. Explore the impact of thought and belief on health recovery including hope, development of habits and penetrating the influence of karmas and samskaras.